Breakfast/Eating out

Breakfast at Holdfényszállás

We can offer breakfast for our guests if they require it. Breakfast costs 4 EUR/person/day. For children under 10 we give a 50 % discount from the price.

Breakfast includes the followings:

  • bakery, bread (toasting possibilities)
  • butter, jam, corn flakes, yogurt (Danone)
  • fresh vegetables
  • cold cuts: salami (Pick), ham, cold meat, cheese
  • drinks: tee (Pickwick), cocoa (Nesquick), cold and hot milk

We also have a well equipped kitchen (refrigerator, microwave owen, electric kettle, dinner set, etc.) and a dining room where you can prepare and eat your meal (in the nearby you can find a food shop with favourable prices). If you require breakfast service, please inform us via email or at the reception.

We are pleased to offer eating out possibilities for our guests which are closed to Holdfényszállás

Our partner restaurant the Gőry Pince & Terasz (Gőry Cellar & Terrace, is in not farther from us than a five minutes walking distance. The most floral restaurant provides lunch and dinner with discount prices to our guests. You can choose from a wide range of dishes with a quality service. The restaurant has a special offer exclusively for Holdfényszállás’ guests: Holdfény platter for two person. In our reception you can have a look at their menu and also their rich and demanding wine list.

To recourse the Gőry Cellar & Terrace’s half board service,
please ask the discount card in the reception.

Lunch (menu of the day)
The Gőry Cellar & Terrace offers varied menu for lunch at weekdays from 11.30 am to 15 pm. The special price to our guests is 1.100 Ft/person/day.


Holdfény platter
The Gőry Cellar & Terrace’s special offer exclusively for our guests is the Holdfény platter for two persons. It is the best choice to eat a guaranteed delicious and hearty meal. The price is 6.000 Ft/ 2 person/Holdfény platter. Please ask the 1.000 Ft discount card at the reception.

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Holdfényszállás can provide these special eating possibilities only for their own guests. Our guests have to pay the amounts which marked above in the restaurant.

You can reach Gőry Cellar & Terrace restaurant with a 5-minutes walk from Holdfényszállás.